Issa Asad 4 Companies That Excel in Social Media Customer Service

Issa Asad Customer Service

Issa Asad 4 Companies That Excel in Social Media Customer Service

The interaction that your business has with your customers can mean the difference between success and failure. This is especially true in today’s world that is dominated by social media and where information travels super fast, meaning that just a few bad customer experiences are enough to damage the reputation of your business. So as not to lag behind, your business needs to have excellent customer service and, even more importantly, a social media strategy that is also capable of handling customer service issues.

Your Twitter account or Facebook page should be more than a space for content sharing. “It should be a platform where your readers and customers can comfortably give you their negative or positive feedback and where they are sure you will respond to them,” explained Issa Asad Florida social media expert, businessman, and author of 4 e-books. Mr. Asad is also the CEO of Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings.

If you do not know where to start, the following examples of 4 companies that excel in social media customer service can provide valuable lessons. Learn from them, and your business will quickly rank among the stars in the world of social media.

1. JetBlue

JetBlue appreciates the importance of not only engaging the satisfied customers, but also promptly responding and resolving the problems of dissatisfied customers .Whereas it is certainly easy to share positive feedback on your web page, a few mistakes can cause severe damage. The company ensures that it not only responds to those customers who mention them, but even those who only refer to the brand generally without tagging it in their posts. To this end, JetBlue’s social media monitoring team tracks and evaluates relevant hashtags and keywords in order to find and engage with more customers. Every company should be utilizing this important strategy.

2. T-Mobile

T-Mobile is famed for interacting with clients on various social media platforms, and for maintaining a social presence that is courteous and user-friendly. A study done in 2012 by socialbakers, a social media research company, indicated that the company responded to 86% of the total queries (numbering over 2,500) it got on the social media during a period of three months. This shows that T-Mobile responds to a large proportion of the customer inquiries it gets. In addition, the company is also noted for capitalizing on its social media following during its recruitment process, ensuring that its social media presence is much more than just providing customer service. In addition, members of the company’s social media team use their names when replying on Twitter so that their customers realize they are speaking to a real human being.

3. Walmart

Walmart has in excess of 34 million fans on Facebook-which means that monitoring comments on its Facebook page is an uphill task. But if you scroll through the comments threads of the company’s posts, you will see a huge number of responses made by the company to both happy and dissatisfied customers. Whereas Walmart frequently gets complaints, as much as possible it responds to them in an amicable and professional manner. The company works with the customers to resolve their problems or refers them to people who can provide additional assistance.

4. Whole Foods

The Twitter presence of Whole Foods is certainly admirable. The company makes a point of sharing everything-from nutritious recipes to interesting news stories- and it also hosts Twitter chats. Even though it has about four million Twitter followers, it promptly responds to them in a fun and sociable manner. The company also knows ways of stimulating discussions about the brand among its followers on social media. This is done by regularly sending out calls to action and asking users of Twitter some interesting questions or urging them to share pictures or recipes.

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