Issa Asad Announces Interest in Purchasing Boost Mobile

issa asad purchasing a company

Issa Asad Announces Interest in Purchasing Boost Mobile

Issa Asad Florida
Issa Asad Florida

The current hot topic among business investors in the United States is the prepaid wireless phone company Boost Mobile. According to recent reports, Sprint and T-Mobile wireless giants are in talks to merge into one company. As a result of this potential merger, Sprint, which currently owns Boost Mobile, will need to sell it off to the highest bidder.

How will the market look like after Boost Mobile’s acquisition? Which companies are interested in purchasing the prepaid company?

According to Florida Trend, Issa Asad, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Q Link Wireless has recently expressed their interest to acquire Boost Mobile. The online publication also states that preparations are already on the way as the company is currently hashing out the details.

Q Link Mobile is the third largest provider of the free government program called Lifeline Service. The company also offers prepaid wireless service to non Lifeline customers. Asad and Q Link Wireless is approximated to have direct employees totaling up to 400 in numbers; with the acquisition of Boost Mobile, the company could increase the number of employees to thousands.

Q Link Wireless CEO openly announced that they plan to pay an amount of up to $3 billion USD should the sale proceed as expected.

The sale of Boost Mobile is necessary in order for the planned merger of T-Mobile and Sprint. It is technically a forced sale since it is a requirement by the Federal Communications Commission. If the merger is approved by the FCC, then the two wireless giants could have a estimated value of up to $26 billion. The two companies have already presented the necessary requirements to the FCC for approval.

Asad beliees the acquisition of Boost Mobile will be a game changer to his founding company Q Link Wireless and its future. Even though the competition could be high during the bidding process, Asad remains confident.

“The payment preparations and plans are underway; having successfully managed Q Link Wireless from a small company to its current state, I am confident that we will make Boost Mobile services an asset to Q Link Wireless,” said Asad.

Q Link Wireless has approximately 2 million customers. Since establishng Q Link Wireless, Asad has always focused on offering telecommunication services to low-income Americans. He plans on continuing to market to the underserved consumers with Boost Mobile.

Asad is positive that with the acquisition of Boost Mobile, the client base of Q Link Wireless is likely to increase to 8 million once the deal goes through.

“With the acquisition of Boost Mobile, we will continue to make Q Link Wireless the best prepaid wireless company in America,” said Issa Asad.

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