Issa AsadIssa Asad is a Miami-based entrepreneur, businessman, sales and marketing executive and the author of two best-selling books. Known for his passion and managerial skills, Mr. Asad has been the President, Co-Founder, Founder, Managing Member and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), of various multimillion dollar companies located in South Florida and the United States.
With experience in the marketing, technology and telecommunications industries since 1996, Mr. Asad is known for achieving consistent yearly profits in several competitive international and domestic markets. Mr. Asad has led some of the United States’ top technology and telecommunications companies, including Reliable Telecard and RTN Networks. Mr. Asad is currently the CEO of Q Link Wireless, a subsidiary of Quadrant Holdings, LLC, located in Dania, Florida. Mr. Asad began his entrepreneurship career in 1996. By the time he turned 30 years-old, Mr. Asad created a multi-hundred million dollar per year company in the prepaid phone card industry. Mr. Asad designed and spearheaded various sales models, marketing strategies and product development to achieve such lucrative growth.
Prior to beginning his career in the telecom and technology industries, Mr. Asad operated, developed and owned numerous gas stations and convenience stores located in New York and Florida. Always looking for the next big opportunity, Mr. Asad was the first gas station and convenience store owner to integrate fast food into his stores’ service offerings.
Mr. Asad started to sell prepaid phone cards in his various stores. He knew that these phone cards had huge potential in the telecommunications market space. When the phone card market exponentially grew in the late 1990s, Mr. Asad predicted that the prepaid market would implement electronic delivery systems. Then in 2000, Mr. Asad joined two companies: Reliable Telecard and I-Prepay Inc. He helped create a state-of-the-art PIN electronic delivery system for electronic deliveries of prepaid phone cards and related products.
After his huge success with Reliable Telecard and I-Prepay Inc., Mr. Asad only worked in the telecom and technology industries, and specialized in product development, product marketing and promotion and pioneering new product solutions.
Mr. Asad has been featured in various news and magazine articles. Intelecard News magazine featured him and called him an entrepreneur with “real vision”. The Prepaid Press newspaper profiled Mr. Asad and named him the “Telecom Mover of the Month”, called him a “playmaker” and identified him as one of the “top telecom executives” in the US.
In 2010, Mr. Asad founded Quadrant Holdings, LLC. He currently serves as the CEO of both companies. After several years in the telecom, technology and marketing industries, Mr. Asad wrote and published Instant Profits with Instagram on September 10, 2014, and Instant Profits with Alibaba on October 14, 2014. Both books are available on Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and most other online eBook retailers.
Several weeks after its release, Instant Profits with Instagram became a number one best seller in Amazon’s Entrepreneurship & Marketing category. Mr. Asad says that he decided to write and publish marketing books as a way to help other business professionals and entrepreneurs experience success.
Currently, Mr. Asad is focusing on promoting and expanding his “Instant Profits” series. Additionally, he continues to lead Quadrant Holdings to yearly profitable growth. Connect with Issa Asad on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.