Issa Asad Florida Explains How Miami Art Basel Can Teach Other Cities

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Miami, Florida, and art go hand in hand. The Miami Art Basel can attest to this statement; a huge amount of funds come into the city, celebrities fly in and it connects people to the city.

Now, Issa Asad explains how Miami Art Basel can teach other cities how to host a cultural festival.

For over 18 years, Issa Asad has served the South Florida community. He is an entrepreneur, social media expert and bestselling author from Miami, Florida. Issa Asad is also the CEO of Q Link Wireless, LLC, and Quadrant Holdings, LLC, located in Dania, Florida.
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It is not just Miami that can benefit from art; other major metro cities could benefit as well. The cultural event is a great way to connect, to bring people together and to embrace differences. This event can teach other cities and municipalities many things. These are a few things other cities can learn from Miami, Florida’s Art Basel.

It garners creativity.

Art is a mode of expression. It allows people to speak in ways they never could with words. Whether it is a drawing, painting, a sculpture or other art form, it can say many things to many different people in different ways. Art is not a singular expression and it is not going to be interpreted by each person in the same way.

Miami Art Basel allows people of different backgrounds and social backgrounds to look at different figures and to interpret things differently. It is a great way to garner creativity from locals and artists, and to get them to create something for a greater cause. “Using events such as this is a simple way to change the way things are seen, and to encourage creativity in order to do good for a city, help raise money and help bring people together,” said Issa Asad.

It brings people together.

Large events such as these force people to come together. Yes, Miami is a major metro city and many celebrities do frequent the city. But, this is not just about celebrities coming together (although many do attend the event) and seeing who went to jail or got arrested at the festival. “It is a way to bring people together and to get them to connect as a community,” said Issa Asad.

It is easy to bring people together for a greater cause when such events are hosted. Not only are people more generous, but they are also willing to engage and bring new ideas to a local community. Miami Art Basel is a great representation of culture in the city, of how it can bring a large group of people together and how it can bring people together from so many different backgrounds and social realms, in order to produce something that is going to benefit a major metro area.

Communities rally.

Yes, local businesses are going to make money and donations are going to help businesses. But, when the city can bring in so much money it is going to be able to do good for local communities as well. By placing new art forms in certain communities, by bringing attention to certain cities and by bringing a major focus to certain social groups and communities, those cities and communities which are in need are going to rally.

People are going to see a jump in the local area, and they are going to want to do good as well. So, the businesses are going to thrive and money is going to be spent. “But, when the locals of these communities see the changes, and see that it is also going to be beneficial to them, it is a great way to garner change,” said Issa Asad.

There are many ways in which different social events can help a city grow and can help bring in funds to an area that is in need. But, art is a great way to connect people in ways that other forms of entertainment and media are not going to be able to connect people through.

Art allows people from different backgrounds and social realms to come together and see there are many different ways to interpret one thing. So, in addition to drawing in large crowds and bringing money, these events are also a good way to engage and to bring people together. It can help connect individuals who would otherwise never feel accepted in a social situation, to connect and to feel as if they are part of that community in which the event is being held.


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