Issa Asad Explains How to Motivate Your Sales Team to More Success

Issa Asad Motivate Employees

Issa Asad Explains How to Motivate Your Sales Team to More Success

No matter what kind of business you own, your employees will hold the key to its success. “If you manage to create a healthy relationship with your employees, your business is bound to succeed,” explained Issa Asad Florida businessman, tech guru, and entrepreneur since 1996. Mr. Asad is also the CEO of Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings, both┬álocated in South Florida. “It also creates a positive image of your business.”

Different companies adopt different methods to encourage their employees. Some gives out cash rewards while many companies offers several non-cash benefits to its employees. However, different employees seek different benefits. Hence, you have to be flexible and offer benefits as per the employees needs. Here are three proven methods to motivate your sales team:

1. Money

Money is the most obvious and the most common motivator. Nothing can motivate your sales team more than cash. You can reward your sales team on many parameters depending on the nature of your business. For example, if you are selling any product, you can reward your sales team on the basis of the number of items sold. And if you are in the banking business, you can reward your sales team on the basis of the number of accounts they created.

However, most companies only reward employees who are successful. But, that is very demotivating for the employees who failed to reach their target. They may get a feeling of insecurity and their productivity may decrease. Hence, you should reward everyone who does their job sincerely. The reward for completing a sale will obviously be higher. But even if they failed to complete the sale, you should still reward them to keep up their motivation. It may sound a little strange, but in the long term this strategy will help you a lot.

2. Benefits and Games

Money may not be always enough. You have to offer your team some other benefits to encourage them. For example, upon reaching a certain target, you can reward them with holidays or some leaves. You can also offer them rewards like beanbags or massage chairs. Also, sales job can get quite boring at one point of time. You need to organize some games or other fun activities to keep up their motivation.

For example, you can try out the Fantasy Sales Team game. It is a very unique team based game. Upon completion of a deal or on reaching a specific target, each team will get points. Since this is a team game, every employee will try to get the best out of the others. It creates a competitive environment which can prove to be useful for your business.

3. Career Experiences

There are many employees who may not be motivated by cash and rewards only. Those who are very ambitious will be looking for opportunities to progress ahead in their career. You have to provide them with opportunities to enhance their skills, so that they can move up the ladder. Sometimes, you should even work under any of your sales representative. Follow all their orders like taking calls and following leads. This will motivate the employees.

You should also provide them an opportunity to have a meal with the higher management staff. This way you will be able to understand the problems they are facing and you will be able to address him. Having a one-to-one conversation with a higher management staff will also motivate them.

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