Issa Asad How to Be Productive While Working From Home

Issa Asad Work from Home

Issa Asad How to Be Productive While Working From Home

Whether you run your business from home or telecommute occasionally, you must have faced the many temptations and distractions that a home office is sure to offer. There, of course, are many advantages of working from home, saving on meals and gas, saving travel time, and the comfort of being in your pajamas while working. In fact, when you work from home it can also result in better productivity.

“Even though there can be distractions, yet your home office can prove to be the best for you if you know how to be productive while working from home,” said Issa Asad Florida businessman, entrepreneur, and social media expert. Mr. Asad is the CEO of Quadrant Holdings and Q Link Wireless.

Here’s how to be productive while working from home:

1. Set Up Your Office in the Right Area

Try to avoid highly trafficked areas and find a quiet corner. Select a soothing paint for your working space, green would be the best color as it is known for creating a positive vibe. Make sure your work area has a window, and you can put a small fountain or some plants outside the window, to allow you something peaceful and non-distracting to look at. Your work area should be spacious enough to fit in everything that is necessary.

2. Make Sure You Are Comfortable

Do not try to be so comfortable that you cannot resist sleeping. But, at the same time, remember that it is really difficult to be able to focus on work when you have to strain yourself to see your computer screen properly, or keep adjusting your aching back on the chair.

It will be wise to get a comfortable office chair and make sure you sit in a proper position at your work desk. If you find it uncomfortable sitting for too long at a stretch, then keep a standing desk somewhere in your room. Some people really like the standing desk, so you too may try it.

3. Keep Some Light Exercise Equipment


Working and taking exercise breaks is certainly a great idea. Keep a set of resistance bands, a small step up machine or treadmill, and some light weights in your home working space. Take short breaks from work and use these exercise gears, and you surely are going to be re-energized and will be able to focus better.

4. De-clutter Frequently

When you have a home office, chances are bright that you will see many different things piling up in the area. Make it a habit to get rid of anything that you will not need, be it half-read books, coffee mugs, paper piles, and anything else. No matter how much anyone pleads to use that clean space to keep a box of old clothes or anything else because they do not want to go to the basement, do not allow this to happen. If you want a clear mind to focus while working, you just cannot afford to be surrounded by junk.

5. Do Not Entertain Distractions

Now, this is a big problem almost everybody has to face if they work from home. No matter how nicely you make people around understand that even if you are work from home, you actually are working, they just do not get it. Be it your friend who likes to visit home suddenly or your chatty neighbor, you need to politely disengage. Once you let people know that you are unavailable during your work hours, no one will likely disturb you. Remember, you yourself need to set the boundaries if you really want to be productive while working from your home.


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