Miami Tech Scene Versus Silicon Valley – The Race is on

Miami versus Silicon Valley – Lets the Race begin

CW054-Running-the-Race-Winning-the-PrizeSince a lot of people out there want to read anything about Miami Tech Scene versus Silicon Valley, we have written this short article. The first part of the article will describe the Miami Tech Scene wherein there is a lot of useful things for any entrepreneur interesting in the Latin American market. The second part of the article will talk about Silicon Valley and how this region has evolved into the high-tech powerhouse that is today. 

Miami Tech Scene

Tech companies that comprise the tech hub that is found in Miami aim at gaining a foothold in the city and to tap the expanding tech market that Latin America represents right now. Since Miami has many cultural and commercial ties to Latin American, many entrepreneurs believe this city can be the technological capital of the region, including Manual Medina, founder of a firm called Terremark which was recently bought by Verizon Communications for $1.4 billion.

Another instance is Open English, a firm that was founded in Venezuela and now is based in the beautiful Miami. The firm has grown to two thousand employees and has many offices across the continent. In addition, its founder has risen over $130 million in venture capital alone. Do you need another example? Here it is. A company called .CO Internet was recently bought by Neustar Inc. for $109 million. The firm was founded in Colombia and provided top-level domains for that country.

Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is the leading tech hub in the United States and it also accounts for a third of all the investment that venture capital firms put into companies in the United States. Silicon Valley is also home to many top-of-the-line law firms that deal with many disputes that arise over time between tech firms of all sizes. In addition, the venture capital industry that has been established in Silicon Valley is incredibly powerful and responsible for the development of many tech giants such as eBay, Google and Oracle.

This region of California is also home to some of the most powerful tech firms in the world including Google and Intel. Silicon Valley also has the highest number of high-tech workers in the United States and they earn the highest salaries in the tech sector.

We have talked about the Miami Tech Scene versus Silicon Valley, and now you can tell the difference between these two high-tech regions in the United States. While the Miami Tech Scene is suitable for entrepreneur looking for a slice of the Latin American pie, Silicon Valley is suitable for any kind of high tech firm out there. However, any entrepreneur interested in expanding his or her business to Latin America should consider the Miami Tech Scene as a suitable venue to get the most out of this region. In addition, Latin America is an expanding market for high-tech firms.


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