The Miami Tech Scene’s Vibrant Heartbeat

Small-Business-Tech-UpgradeMiami is certainly well known for its coastline, clubs, and condo-building craze, but it’s recently added the new distinction of being a vibrant tech hub. The Miami tech scene is stirring here, in part due to companies who want to tap into Latin America’s expanding tech market and also the growing numbers of entrepreneurs hoping to gain a foothold.

Current Tech Companies

Of course, this occurrence does not surprise Miami residents. They believe that the city is the logical area to be the technological capital due to the city’s commercial and cultural ties. And, you can already see the successes in Miami.

Open English is an online English-language school that launched in Venezuela, but is now based in Miami. The company has grown to over two thousand employees and now has seven offices across the world. Additionally, CO Internet is a well-known Miami company that has grown to include 1.6 million web addresses. One final example would have to be CareCloud, which is a service that helps doctors run their offices using cloud-based technology. It covers around six thousand physicians around the country and is growing in popularity and usage every day.

Of course, the Miami tech scene is not thriving on just work alone. It also needed investment. The Knight Foundation invested in several companies and organizations, hoping to create a start-up hub in this area. Investor groups have also been attracted to the area and specifically look for tech companies in Miami to place their investments. They recognize that this is an up-and-coming area and a huge chance for growth.

Miami Ripe for Tech

The strengths of Miami include its connections to Latin America and its health-care sector. Although the city has relied for decades on its tourism and real estate to fuel the economy, Miami is transforming and bringing in companies and entrepreneurs from across the world. The city already serves as a hemispheric hub and it’s easy to take direct flights from Miami to many other regions. Additionally, Miami provides a stable environment to do business than many other countries or areas, making it an attractive option.

The idea of Miami as a tech hub for the Americas has a strong past. In the 1990s, several tech companies wanted to focus on the Latin American market and either founded their businesses in Miami or moved to Miami shortly after starting. However, due to the doc-com bust, Miami’s place as a tech hub fell flat. At least until recent years.

miami3The timing may be right to reprise their role. In this area, there is a huge appetite to acquire new technologies and also an incredible amount of talent. Young people in the area are continuously developing new ideas that are being turned into businesses every day.

The Miami tech scene has shown immense growth in recent months and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. As a vibrant, collaborative community, this area continues to draw in businesses and start-ups as well as investors, creating a strong environment for tech advancements and continued growth.


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