Miami’s Tech Scene Grabs Attention of Global Investors and Affiliations

08-20-14-news-preqin-alternatives-crop-600x338With a lot of people being dependent on technology and the use of technological devices, a lot of countries around the world are working on ways of improving the tech scene to match those of third world countries. Miami, Florida, is a city that is creeping up in matching advanced development of technology in other parts of the world. Over the past few years Miami-based technological companies have been springing up. The Lab Miami is one such company. The company employs 120 employees and houses meetings with 400 members with all tech experts.

Technological Invasion Calls for Improvement All Over the World

Since the beginning of the 21st century, technology and the Internet has slowly been changing the way we socially live. Smartphones and smart devices have been developed to do things from apps. Accessing the Internet is a lot easier to do than it was ten years ago. A lot of investors who kept their eye on the growing need for technology and the Miami tech scene has seen exponential growth in the market over a few years. Forbes magazine mentions a few top companies in the Miami tech scene that have given the city a “heartbeat”.

Well established firms that are born and bred in Miami are making their mark in the area, attracting investors and creating employment for the predominant Latin American community. The following companies are the companies that are making a mark in the Miami tech scene.

Top Companies in the Miami Tech Scene

.CO Internet began in Colombia but it is a Miami-based firm. The company has exclusive ownership of the .co domain extension, globally. Launched in 2010, the firm has over 1.6 million employees worldwide. Its success of has seen the company to have over 1.6 million web addresses. When telecommunications company, Neustar Inc., saw the rising success of .Co Internet, they bought the company for $109 million dollars.

top-5-ceo-180Venture Hive is fairly new; after only opening their doors in 2013, they have secured a contract with computer giant Microsoft. Venture Hive is an institution that offers training and education and provides mentorships to students. It aims to enable growth of the Miami tech scene. The company provides students with access to the latest technological innovations. The company associating with international and successful firms like Microsoft makes the business very attractive. In September, 2014, the firm won the US Small Business Administration’s Inaugural Growth Accelerator Fund competition.

One the oldest tech companies, Refresh Miami, has the largest market share in technological networking in South Florida. Since its inception in 2005, today it has over 8,000 members. The main objective of the company is to deliver informative content that is technologically and entrepreneurially based. In 2010 and 2011, the director of the company, Brian Breslin, was one of the winners in Miami-based newspaper Miami Herald’s contest for the “20 under 40” men and women who have made an impact in the industry they are in.

As the tech scene grows, it is expected that more companies will spring up offering employment and future investments in Miami.


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