Top Miami Tech Companies Number 2: Magic Leap

Magic Leap Issa AsadIn technological standards, new ideas are always emerging. Ideas are necessary to kick-start new methods, in order to better customers that have come to depend on products or services.

“The forefront of a powerful idea, Magic Leap has become an anticipated top Miami tech companies that are found in the Florida state,” said Issa Asad, tech guru and Florida entrepreneur since 1996. Mr. Asad is also the CEO of 2 companies located across South Florida: Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings.

For those who are unsure of Magic Leap, or unaware what this tech company does in Florida, here is a brief rundown. This is top Miami tech companies number 2: Magic Leap.

What Is Magic Leap?

In essence, Magic Leap isn’t really anything yet, but it is a very powerful idea. Basically, where other computing technologies remove the user from reality, Magic Leap instead looks to incorporate reality with technology. In doing this, while the idea has not come to fruition, Magic Leap has a very powerful approach in mind to how we do technology.

One thing that Magic Leap has in mind is Digital Lifefield, a system of programs that are combined to produce a very unique, as well as “magical” as described by the site, combination. The biggest feature of this new idea of hardware that makes it unique is it aims to be biomimetic, which essentially pertains to a need to feel more like human connection, instead of machine. For now, Magic Leap can’t really be classified as anything, but in a few months, or even years, it may be known as sheer brilliance. Just give it time, and Magic Leap technology might be seen everywhere.

What Is Their Role in the Miami Community?

Their role in the Miami community, as well as to the the rest of the world, is to provide a new approach to technology properties. The Magic Leap community aims to blend the virtual world and reality world, in order to make them the same world, no longer separated. Technology, is for now, vastly different than reality. Will this be the same case in the upcoming years? If Magic Leap follows through with the idea, the technological field might be much different than it is currently. Technology and humans may come to blend, and if done correctly, may make a very big impact on the technological world.

Where Will Magic Leap Be in a Few Years?

If they release their ideas to the public mass, chances are Magic Leap may be become very successful. With a look into the company’s ideas, it is hard to see why this company would not succeed. They are very professional in their explanation, and though their ideas are still in processing, they have intrigued many people. Their aim to better the technology that we currently use, is interesting to say the least, and if they are successful in effectively using their ideas, they may find much fame as a result. Magic Leap has a very safe future, and while it is not secured yet, it wouldn’t be surprising if this change within a matter of months.

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