Top Miami Tech Companies Number 3: Open English

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Issa Asad, Florida entrepreneur.

OpenEnglish is an example of what the Miami area has become, an east coast magnet for technology companies. This is the third in Issa Asad Florida tech entrepreneur’s blog series about top Miami tech companies. Continue reading to learn more about the top Miami tech companies number 3: OpenEnglish.

The founder and CEO of OpenEnglish, Andres Moreno, started his first language learning company in Venezuela. Moreno moved the headquarters of his $350 million company from his native country to Miami five years ago.

Moreno embraced the high-tech world and pushed the envelope to create the sort of company that appears to be poised to become the Microsoft of e-learning community. OpenEnglish has recently raised over $20 million in venture capital to expand their operations globally. The original 2007 platforms are being expanded and the technology constantly upgraded to accommodate the flow of students as well as maintain that tech edge necessary to compete.

The company has received very favorable press coverage in the Wall Street Journal, CNN, and various other international and regional media. OpenEnglish is the recipient of numerous industry awards as well.

The company reports an over 50,000 active student enrollment and 2000 employees. In recent years, they have marketed extensively using TV and Internet campaigns. The expectation is, with the influx of venture capital, that OpenEnglish can rapidly seize a much larger share of the burgeoning online market.

What Is OpenEnglish?

OpenEnglish provides online English learning to anyone desiring to learn English. Primarily targeting the Latin American market, native Spanish and Portuguese speakers comprise the bulk of its student population. A key element is the 24/7 availability of the online virtual classrooms. Students can take one two or as many classroom sessions per day as they desire.

Students can engage directly with the teachers, asking questions and receiving feedback in real time. The students too can interact with each other and practice or study. There is no special equipment necessary, just a computer. All the teachers are native English speakers. OpenEnglish makes several top ten lists of best places for online teaching employment.

What Is OpenEnglish’s Role in the Miami Community?

Andres decided that Miami had the talent as well as the location to best help him rapidly grow the business. A companyof this size, with the potential to grow much larger, will be an anchor business among the growing technical community in the area. As one of the top Miami tech companies, OpenEnglish provides a great success story for others in the Hispanic community to emulate. The company will be able to help mentor other Latin American entrepreneurs also.

The CEO has an interest in helping other new business owners and is on the board of the nonprofit Endeavor Corporation. Endeavor, headquartered in Miami, provides assistance to entrepreneurs.

What Are Some Predictions for OpenEnglish’s Future?

While it is hard to say, OpenEnglish seems ready to become the leading e-learning company in the world. They have the funding and the vision to make this happen. Their focus on technology and getting to where they are within only a few short years may, the company hopes, be a harbinger of the future.

One indicator of this is the distinguished list of venture capitalists that have joined the OpenEnglish investment team. These include Flybridge Capital Partners, LAM Ventures, TCV, and others.

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