Top Miami Tech Companies Number 4: Tech Data

Issa Asad Florida Bond
Issa Asad Florida CEO and entrepreneur of 2 companies in South Florida.

Tech Data is an information technology products distributor. The company also involves itself with logistic managements and some other value added services. Their markets and distribution range from networking equipment, computer hardware, computer peripherals supplies, software publications, physical security, consumer electronics, digital signage, and mobility hardware provision.

“Tech Data offers its quality services to value added resellers, direct marketers, retailers and corporate resellers,” exclaimed Issa Asad Florida-based CEO and entrepreneur of several South Florida companies since 1996.

Tech Data operates across the Northern America, Europe, and Southern America. The company’s headquarters is in Clearwater, Florida. They focus on expanding their business through new business offerings, acquisitions and new business diversions. The company was able to acquire 50% ownership of the interests in Brightstar Europe Limited.

This is the fourth article in Asad’s blog series that discusses several Miami technology companies. Read on to learn more about top Miami tech companies number 4: Tech Data.

What Is Tech Data’s Role in Miami Community?

With more than 35 years in technology, Tech Data has watched the South Florida tech market accelerate. This has forced it to work in reinvesting itself. It no longer focuses on the mainstream products like circuit boards and disc drives. It is now concentrating more on mobility products like mobile phones and tablets, data center products, consumer electronics, software, and digital signs. In 2014, the company managed to sell over $1 billion USD in tablets.

Tech Data’s History

Tech Data started its operation in 1974. Its primary objective was simply to market data processing supplies directly to the users of main and mini-frame computers. In 1983, the company expanded the target market and directed its efforts to servicing microcomputer resellers as the wholesale distributor. During its formative years, Tech Data only employed a dozen employees who handled the company’s operations from a small office within Clearwater.

Today, Tech Data has emerged to be one of the best performing providers of logistic managements, products provisions, and other value added services. The company has changed its operations from pick, pack, and ship operation to an integrated supply chain specialization model. Technology resellers and manufacturers highly rely on Tech Data as their strategic go-to business partner. The company is still expanding and it is also offering vital industry services which include technical support, custom configuration, and education. The company has also managed to expand its operations to all parts of the world.

Customer Growth and Diversity

Tech Data’s expansion matches with its successful diversification into many markets. For example, in 1992, the company had a customer base of over 25,000 who largely consisted of value added resellers, franchisees, and corporate resellers. Today, the company provides its services to over 125,000 customers who include ISPs, ASPs, VARs, web integrators, system integrators, corporate resellers, system builders, exporters, government resellers, e-retailers, retailers, internet resellers, and cataloger. Tech Data has also developed many business units and programs with an aim of attaining continued growth in the traditional business channels.

What Are Some Predictions for Tech Data’s Future?

Tech data is currently riding high and wants to maintain its growth. It has managed to buy back $915 million USD of its shares which has highly strengthened its stock price. Furthermore, it has bought 14 companies and has reduced its debts. Having stayed in the industry for 35 years, Tech Data exactly knows how to grow even further.


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