Top Miami Technology Companies Number 5: CareCloud

Issa Asad Florida
Issa Asad, Florida entrepreneur, believes CareCloud is one of the top technology companies in Miami, Florida.

CareCloud is a Miami-based health-technology company that provides cloud-based practice management. It also provides electronic health record and software for medical billing and other health services. “This Tech Company has truly modernized healthcare management and made it very efficient,” said Issa Asad, a Miami-based technology and telecommunications entrepreneur.

“CareCloud provides next-generation technology by providing patient portals which make it easier to get health history of patients,” remarked Asad, who is also the CEO of telecom company Q Link Wireless and its holding company, Quadrant Holdings, both located in Dania, Florida.

Having served the Florida tech and telecom community since 1996, Mr. Asad has put together his top five list of emerging and established Miami technology companies. CareCloud is the first of the five-part series, and is number five on his list.

Top Miami technology companies number 5: CareCloud:

What is CareCloud?

CareCloud is a company that offers flexible, cloud-based healthcare software. This software enables you to get better financial transparency, a powerful control of IT costs and it keeps you up to date with the various changes for example ICD-10.

The software is designed in a very professional manner. You always get feedback for any queries that you may have from physicians and dedicated customer care staff. You can therefore have a smooth day at work because it is very easy to use. The technology used to make this software is the one used by the leading online businesses therefore you get the power to move with the current industry changes.

This software enables you to attend to a lot of patients thus boosting productivity of your institution. You are able to monitor your patients because the software has a cloud-based patient management and social tools for them to give you feedback. CareCloud gives you the ability to be at per with healthcare reforms as soon as they take place.

What is CareCloud’s Role in the Miami Community?

CareCloud provides a very conducive environment for one to work from. They know that people need to be appreciated so that to make working in this complicated industry a success. When they have a job opportunity, the people who are first notified are those in Miami.

The staff is very welcoming and has a wonderful work culture. CareCloud offers great products that have made Miami become a hub for healthcare. Miami has become the next Silicon Valley. It also provides internship programs for anyone who wants to join HealthIT’s fastest growing company. The company usually provides challenges to interns for them to grow.

They always teach interns something new and most people absolutely love working there. The good thing is that if you are good at what you do as an intern, they retain you and offer you a job permanently. CareCloud has partnered with the University of Miami to offer graduate programs in healthcare innovations.

What are Some Predictions for CareCloud’s Future?

  • CareCloud is looking to partner with other states that are in a different framework. This is so that they can be able to boost their Medicare transformation.
  • CareCloud is looking to transform healthcare management so that medication attention can never be a problem no matter where you are. You just log in into the patient portal and have a one on one talk with a qualified physician.
  • CareCloud is taking a hybrid approach to electronic medical recording which is set to revolutionize the future of healthcare management.
  • CareCloud is striving to win the healthcare platform that will be a valuable asset to them because all medical providers will wish to participate in this innovation.

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